Evgeny Shikhman

Owner and Chairman of the Board of Silver Fox
Extensive experience in business management, advisory services, investment project development and real estate.

Evgeny has extensive expertise and experience in business management. He established his first company Freims Ltd in 1989, pursuing activities in the field of investment project development and business advisory services. In 1993, he was invited to join the management board of the newly established Rietumu Bank. During his 12 years at the bank, he managed such leading business areas as investment banking, lending, corporate banking and others.

Since 2004, Evgeny has been the owner and CEO of RB Property Services Ltd., which in 2013 was renamed to Silver Fox.

Evgeny is a certified engineer in management information systems with a degree from the Riga Technical University. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Institute of Economics and Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Science under the direction of Professor Evgeny Yasin.

The Silver Fox team

  • Vasilisa Pavlovska
  • Aina Livke
    Senior Project
  • Marina Zak
    Senior Sales
  • Anastasia Nemchinova
    Project Manager
  • Ludmila Vorslava
    Sales Manager
  • Elizaveta Vitola