Logistics complexes

A qualified local workforce skilled in languages and a favourable economic climate are the principal forces driving the existing trends, i.e. some European and Russian companies moving to Latvia. As a result, industrial properties and logistics complexes have become highly interesting and profitable for investors.

Stages in the selection process for commercial property:

  1. Keeping the client’s key requirements and criteria in mind, we offer advice regarding current market conditions and recommend the optimal type of commercial property for them.
  2. We offer the client a few properties in the selected category, and also share the results of the analyses for feasibility and anticipated return, as well as its development potential.
  3. We supervise all the stages of the transaction – from the first meeting to meeting all the requirements of the parties and signing of the documents at the notary’s office.
  4. We will take upon ourselves to organise the property evaluation, in addition to the due diligence and negotiation process.

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