Property Owners

Silver Fox’s experts are ready to take it upon themselves to sell your commercial property. The company has accumulated extensive expertise of the Latvian market for commercial real estate over the last ten years, and so is guaranteed to always take a professional approach to work.

The process of selling your property

  1. Checking of documentation, permissible development parameters, legal status of the property
  2. Yield analysis
  3. Analysis of development potential We are able to give the buyer prompt answers to the majority of questions, thus enabling the buyer to make a decision about investing as soon as possible.
  4. Sales Silver Fox does not publish commercial property sales offers on the internet, preferring to work with its wide database of customers instead.
  5. A meeting between the owner of the real estate and its potential buyer Trying to organise a personal meeting between the seller and the potential buyer as soon as possible, Silver Fox adds confidence to the negotiations and creates comfortable conditions for entering into the transaction.
  6. Solving any problems related to the transaction process Our team is remarkable for their extensive expertise, as well as their wisdom and patience, which let us develop the right solutions and bring the sometimes difficult process of coordinating the terms and conditions to its logical end.
  7. Supervision of the deal until the requirements of all the parties are met

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