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Declaration of Intellectual Property Right and Disclaimer Statement

This Internet site (‘Site’) belongs to SIA ‘Silver Fox’ (‘Company’), registered address: 7 Vesetas str., Riga, LV-1013, Latvia. This official notice (‘Official notice’) sets the rules for use of this Site. Upon using this Site you agree with the rules, set in official notice. The Company is entitled at any time to introduce changes in the rules, set by this official notice, which become effective immediately. Continuation of Site use after introduction of changes means you agree to comply with new rules. Please, visit this page on a regular basis to get acquainted with the present conditions of official notice.

Intellectual property

All author’s and other rights to the results of intellectual activity available on the site and in its content, including (without limitation) the texts, pictures, graphic images and codes available on the Site and in its appearance and perception (collectively ‘Content’) belong to the Company or Third-Party service-providers. Unless otherwise specified you’re entitled to view, copy and print the Content for your own use only, on the condition that all the copies and printings of the Content have the marks of the authors’ and other property rights and the disclaimer, placed via the Site. The Company reserves the right (but is not obliged) to change the Content at any time.

Apart from the aforesaid the Site or its Content change or copying, in whole or in Part, in any form, including through framing, integration into other sites or other publications, or using for creation of derivative works are not allowed. Placing the links to the Site on other sites without the Company’s prior written consent is not allowed. The use of the Company’s trademarks without prior written consent of the Company is not allowed. The Company reserves all rights to the stated trademarks.

Apart from the above mentioned none materials on the Site mean granting any rights or licenses. The Company doesn’t guarantee the right to use of materials, available on the Site, which belong to the Third Parties as well as in order to use these materials you won’t require the permit of such Third Parties. It is forbidden to change the Content as well as to change or delete the marks of authors’ rights or references to the author, available in the Content, without prior written consent of the Company.


Access to the Site and use of its Content is executed at your own and sole discretion and at your own risk. Although the Company takes reasonable measures to provide accuracy and relevance of the Content, it doesn’t assume the responsibility for actions of persons or organizations, executed directly or otherwise on the basis of information available on the Site or obtained through it, as provided by the Company and Third Parties. The Site and the Content are provided under the principle ‘as is’, and the Company doesn’t give any assurances or guarantees concerning the Site and the Content, including but not limited concerning (i) timeliness, relevance, accuracy, completeness, authenticity, availability or fitness for any specific purpose of the Site and Content, (ii) the fact that when using the Site the errors shall not occur, the using shall be safe and uninterrupted (iii) the Company shall be entitled to correct any errors or that the Site shall be free of viruses or other malicious codes, and (iv) the Content and the Site do not infringe the Third Parties rights. As far as it possible under the Applicable Law the Company refuses any assurances and warranties the provision of which shall be otherwise understood and disclaims responsibility concerning the Site, Content and use of them

The Company (including its officials, the Director, employees, agents or other representatives) is not responsible for direct, incidental, indirect or coincident damages (including loss of expected gain), occurred due to (i) access, use or impossibility of the Site use, Content or any related Internet site, or (ii) inoperability, error, omission, interruption, defect, standby or delay in transfer, computer virus or systemic failure.

Reimbursement of Damages

You undertake to reimburse the damages and not to lay claims to the Company (including its officials, Director, employees, agents and other representatives) in connection with the responsibility, claims and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and expenses), occurring due to (i) the breach of the official notice by you, (ii) unlawful use of Site or Content, or (iii) the Company’s intellectual property infringement.

Forward-Looking Statements

Statements and other Content are provided for information only and shall be found out of date. Besides, no materials available on the Site represent the offer, invitation to make offers or recommendations on acquisition or sale of real property or investments.

Third-Party Sites

The Site shall contain hypertext links to the Third-Party sites. The Company gives these links for your convenience and doesn’t control the sites, the access to which is possible to get or to follow them. The Company doesn’t support, sponsor or recommend and otherwise assumes responsibility for the Third-Party sites, the content and access of them. In particular, the Company doesn’t assume the responsibility for infringement of intellectual property right of any person on the Third-Party sites or responsibility concerning any information or conclusions available on these sites.

Applicable Law and Language

This official notice is governed by the law of the Latvian Republic. If there is any conflict between text of official notice in Russian, English and Latvian, the Latvian text shall prevail. The effective date is December 18, 2013.