Elizabetes 4

Historical building

Despite the seller’s conservative position during negotiations,
this transaction was completed in just two months.



It is not so easy to sell two neighbouring buildings owned by conflicting owners within a single transaction.

Bikernieku 120b


The ability to suggest new solutions let us complete negotiations with the investment fund.

Kalnina 6

Historical building

Not every investor will be confident enough to take over the purchase agreement signed by another potential buyer.

There are over 1000 commercial properties in the Silver Fox database.
Experienced Partner

Since its incorporation in 2004 Silver Fox has specialised exclusively in commercial, development and re-development properties. Silver Fox’s thorough knowledge of local characteristics, extensive network of contacts and use of private banking methods when working with a client all serve to set it apart from its competitors.

No deals are too complicated for Silver Fox

We work to successfully finalise the deal, from first contact to the selection of properties, according to the investment criteria specified, and until the completion of every requirement – no matter how complex – and the closing of the deal.

We help investors to start businesses

We are always ready to recommend and help develop relationships with certified professionals– legal advisers, auditors, managers, architects, representatives of construction companies and banks.

We do not sell lines in the address book

We do not just offer you a commercial property. While working together, we will share with you the results of our preliminary examination, as well as our analyses for feasibility and anticipated return, effective yield and reliability.

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Clients about us

Dekarta Property
«For developers like us, some of Silver Fox’s important qualities are their thorough knowledge of the market’s specifics and business environment, their speed and their winning spirit! With Silver Fox, solutions will be found, even in situations where other brokers see only a dead end».
«Multisystem» Ltd
«I was pleasantly surprised by the professional skills of Silver Fox’s employees, as well as their ability to negotiate, even when complications arise. They are very up-to-the-point and have a good knowledge of the market».